Caffe Pralet | Fresh bakes and crafted pastries

Be wowed by the impressive selection of pastries and artisanal bread over at Caffe Pralet, a cosy café tucked away in the quaint neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru. Despite its ‘low key’ presence, the café has a legion of die-hard fans who would go the distance in getting signature treats hot off the oven. Some even took up classes with Pralet’s baking academy, Creative Culinaire, to uncover the baking secrets behind their favourite pastries!

“One thing good about QashierEats is that there is no commission. There is no extra charge, there is no surcharge whatsoever. QashierEats is kind of like a free online platform for us merchants to actually use,” shared Tim, who helms the café with his mom, the founder of the business.

With only a basic POS system in the early stage of their business, Tim wasted much time tracking inventory and collating sales data manually. Discover how the switch to Qashier POS solutions, and QashierEats empowered Caffe Pralet.

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Hi, my name is Tim. I’m the chef and also Deputy Director of Caffe Pralet and Creative Culinaire Academy. One thing that I really like about Qashier is QashierEats, that my customers can order online.

Even if they are here or even if they are on the way here, they can just place their orders online and then the orders will be received via the POS. And then we straight away we can just do the prep already.

One thing good about QashierEats is that there is no commission. There is no extra charge, there is no surcharge whatsoever. QashierEats is kind of like a free online platform for us merchants to actually use. So that’s one thing that I really really appreciate.

Yeah so like in the cafe here we are known for our sandwiches. First of all, because all of the breads are all made in-house as well. So for our signatures we have got a very good Beef and Cheese and we have got a very nice Chicken Avocado Chipotle. And then of course, we have a Salmon Hijiki as well which we do our own dill cream.

For the cakes-wise, we have the Signature Pralet. It’s a dark rich chocolate cake with a crispy hazelnut layer at the bottom. We also have a very nice Speculoos Caramel Cake as well which is a caramel-based cookie cake.

In terms of the breads-wise, we do have Garlic Chye Poh Sourdough. So like the Garlic Chye Poh Sourdough is something that we are pretty much known here for. It’s a very fragrant bread that can be eaten on its own. Even with just a little butter and you toast it. It’s super fragrant. And we have our own Sourdough Wholemeal Croissant as well.

Oh yeah and we do have cookies and I would say that two of the most popular ones are the Hei Bi Brittle and also our Lychee Rose. Hei Bi Brittle is more of, if you like the typical Chinese Hei Bi Hiam roll, you would definitely love ours because ours has cornflakes inside and it’s a lot more brittle. The Lychee Rose on the other hand, is a bit more lighter. It’s a bit more crispier. So that’s something that is also very well loved by most of our customers here.

Ever since young, I’ve always been baking and cooking with my mum, who is the principal chef and also the managing director of both the cafe and the school. I have been asking myself if whether or not, “Was I made to be a chef, or do I want to be a chef?” Right? And I think that it’s really by my choice and it’s really something that I really have true passion with.

Previously, our old POS system was a very basic system. We didn’t have any integration. Getting the data was all very manual.

But with Qashier I think that everything is just so online and just so integrated that it’s very convenient. You can access it through your phone. Everything.

The other thing is also that they have a very good invoice system as well. They have the inventory (management) system as well. And the POS itself is very much portable. We can just bring the whole thing over and then they can pay on the spot as well.

In fact, I think I’ve recommend Qashier to quite a few people already.



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