Introducing Qashier POS for F&B

Running a food business can be hassle free. Yes, you heard that right.

With the Qashier Point Of Sale system, you can save time.. work smart.. and focus on bringing in the business.

Here’s how. First up. You don’t want to have to deal with bulky and complicated POS systems that just get in the way.

You want a portable solution that’s customised to suit your business needs. With Qashier, you can assign guests tables with a touch of a button. Taking orders is a breeze because your menu is organised with simple tabs and images.

Running a promo? No sweat. Everything can be easily automated. And yes, we know there are always guests with special dietary requirements. Easy peasy.

Before you know it, the order’s sent wirelessly to the kitchen. It’s that simple!

At the end of the best meal ever, guests can choose to pay with cash, credit cards or e-wallet payments. All through the same portable device!

But that’s not all. Our powerful POS software goes beyond taking orders and making payments. Not only can your staff clock in… and out… they can also have unique passwords for added security and tracking.

And let’s not forget how you can access real-time data and reports anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, tablets or laptops.

That’s how you make informed decisions to take your business to the next level!

There’s so much more the Qashier POS system can do for you. And they come in different sizes too! Get in touch with our Qashier expert today.

Qashier. We keep it simple so you can do more.

Take a look at what Qashier POS can do for F&B business owners like you. Qashier is an all-in-one solution with in-built features such as table and employee management, a fully customisable menu and integrated payments. Now you can spend less time worrying about the mundane stuff and concentrate on growing your business!

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