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Compact, Portable, 8-hour Battery & Integrated Payments

Suitable for:


Large Displays, Powerful, Highly Scalable & Integrated Payments

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Introducing The Qashier Smart Terminal

The world’s best compact all-in-one POS system. It’s everything you need to run your stores, and more. With a sleek, clean design, it will look great on your counter too.

Take a tour of the various features of the Smart Terminal by hovering your mouse or tapping the flashing blue icons below.


Main 7″ Touchscreen Display

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PayWave, NFC-enabled

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Micro-USB for external connections (i.e. cash drawers)

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8-hour Battery Life

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Wi-Fi/4G enabled

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3.5″ Touchscreen for customers to view orders and scan QR codes

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Barcode/QR code scanner

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Thermal receipt printer

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Integrated front camera

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Credit/debit card slot

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Technical Specifications

  • 7″ Front-facing Display
  • 3.5″ Back-facing Display
  • 3,900 mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Integrated back-facing camera
  • 58mm thermal receipt printer
  • Barcode & QR code scanner (optional)

The Qashier Smart Terminal also connects seamlessly with other accessories

(and yes, we can provide a full suite of hardware solutions according to your needs)


For portability and mobility, QashierTab is an 8" Android tablet for table-to-table orders. Orders created on QashierTab automatically syncs with Qashier POS Terminal.

Receipt/Kitchen Printer

Our 80mm thermal printer connects to your Qashier POS terminal either by USB or Wi-Fi. Use it as a kitchen printer for convenient order taking or as a receipt printer for your customers!

Cash Drawer

Our cash drawer connects seamlessly with the Qashier POS terminal and helps you to take cash payments with ease


QashierKDS integrates seamlessly with the Qashier POS terminal to automatically and instantly display all your orders in your kitchen.

Omnidirectional Scanner

Perfect for minimarts and supermarkets, our omnidirectional barcode scanner allows you to easily scan the barcodes of your items and add it into the POS order. *Best suited for QashierXL

Handheld Scanner

Handheld barcode scanner for portability. Simply connect it to the Qashier POS terminal via USB and use it when required. *Best suited for QashierXL


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